US Trail Running Conference announces Marathon Printing as Presenting Sponsor for 2022 Webinar Series

Leading event supplier supports educational webinar series for race directors

US Trail Running Conference organizers Active at Altitude 
announces that Marathon Printing is the Presenting Sponsor for the 2022 Webinar Series. The USTRC webinar series is geared to trail race directors and features monthly presentations on key subject areas that are critical for race directors to manage successful, viable, and sustainable events.

The 2021 USTRC webinar series exceeded expectations with an average of more than 100 participants for each session, with a 40% live attendance rate, and a 65% attendance when factoring in session recording views.  Average engagement time was 55 minutes, and 60% of participants said the webinars empowered changes to future race plans. Organizers plan to release details of the 2022 webinar series by January 21.

Marathon Printing is a family-owned company that specializes in producing custom printed items for endurance sports. Race bibs are their most popular item, either custom printed or stock bibs. Marathon Printing also supplies vital accessories for race directors like pins, bags and pennant flags, as well as postcards, business cards, brochures, bumper stickers and labels. They have been a loyal supporter of the US Trail Running Conference since 2015 and are also an Event Standard Partner for ATRA.

Ryan Zirk, President, Marathon Printing, adds, “We are excited to continue to grow our relationship with the trail running community.  We have enjoyed working with the US Trail Running Conference and are delighted to expand our support with the webinar series.”

The US Trail Running Conference is an annual event that provides education, inspiration, and unique networking opportunities for trail race directors and trail runners. The 2022 edition 
takes place in Mukilteo, Washington, moving to the Pacific North West for the first time in its ten year history. The Conference is held in partnership with the Snohomish County Sports Commission and the American Trail Running Association. The mission of the US Trail Running Conference is to lead, educate, connect and empower an inclusive family of trail runners, race directors and industry leaders working to share best practices with the trail running community.

Conference director Terry Chiplin said, “I am very excited to be extended this opportunity to work with Marathon Printing as Presenting Sponsor for our successful webinar series. Ryan and the team at Marathon Printing have been loyal supporters of the Conference, and I look forward to creating innovative joint initiatives that will enable us to develop an even more successful webinar series and generate new business opportunities for us both.”

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For details on the Conference and to register, go to

Contact Event Director, Terry Chiplin for further information,, or 303-304-9159

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