September 12, 2020

COVID protocol

COVID Protocol for 2020 US Trail Running Conference

Before Conference – personal

  • Test for COVID or antibodies if this is possible
  • Check temperature and personal health on a regular basis
  • Establish and maintain healthy habits
    • frequent hand washing & sanitizing
    • wear a mask or appropriate face covering
    • safe personal distancing

Before Conference – location & staff

  • Town Center to be set up using social distancing guidelines
  • Registration will have dividers between staff and participants
  • Registration staff will wear face shields or masks
  • Conference staff to be tested if this is possible
  • Daily checks on staff temperatures
  • Establish healthy habits as above

Travel to Conference

  • Minimize exposure
  • Follow healthy habits as above
  • Bring snacks and drinks prepared by yourself – use a hand held drinks bottle that you can refill after security
  • Use air travel companies where mask use is mandatory

At Conference – personal health

  • Daily temperature, cough, and fatigue health checks
  • Hand washing before and after every meal and during bathroom beaks
  • Minimize exposure to people outside of Conference (limited shopping and take out instead of dining in town)
  • Personal masks or face covering to be worn at all times within Town Center
  • We will set up the audience seating with 12 foot distance between individuals
  • Capacity of the Ozark room at the Town Center is 800 – we will be well below the 25% occupancy suggested and required in many states for indoor meetings
  • Speakers and panelists are required to wear masks or face coverings at all times – microphones will be sanitized between sessions
  • Please be respectful of other participants and maintain personal distancing for all 
  • Lunches will be individually boxed for each attendee

At Conference – accommodation

  • For participants staying at the Graduate, Fayetteville, please follow their 
guidelines for social distancing and mask use
  • If you are staying somewhere else, please be responsible with distancing and mask use wherever possible

At Conference – bathrooms

  • Town Center bathrooms will be sanitized regularly – please be respectful of social distancing within these confined areas, and wear a mask or appropriate face covering

At Conference – runs

  • Fayetteville Parks and Recreation department will provide shuttle transport to runs from the Graduate Hotel – places will be limited to ensure social distancing – please maintain social distancing and make sure to wear a mask or appropriate face covering at all times when traveling
  • Electric scooters may be available for use as transport to trailheads as well
  • Use buff or similar item for face covering while traveling with others and keep windows open where possible
  • A buff or mask must be worn at all trail heads – we will have a short ceremony at each run at the trailhead – a face covering must be used at during the ceremony
  • Runners to keep 12 feet distance if behind or in front of another runner, and 6 feet distance if alongside (where possible) – buff or mask must be taken and used when encountering other trail or road users, even if they are not using a face covering

At Conference – waiver

  • All participants and staff at the Conference will be asked to sign a waiver before they enter the event – your temperature will be recorded on the waiver and will be checked and noted daily for those attending multiple days
  • See waiver at this link

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