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Trail Race Directors – Wednesday October 18 – Friday October 20, 2023

The 2023 Conference covers three days of inspirational and educational content geared to Trail Race Directors, including panels, presentations, and breakout sessions to share information and brainstorm ideas that our surveys have found are critical for all Trail Race RD’s. The event also includes a top-level expo featuring vendors that provide products or services relevant to Trail Race Directors.

You can choose to attend for the entire Conference, or you have options to include portions of the Conference to suit your schedule. We will also include fun runs on local trails in the Mukilteo area during the Conference.

The rates for Trail Race Directors include access to all workshops and sessions, networking events where featured, lunch on the full days, and refreshments at break times. The full Conference program available will be available on the Conference app from Socio. See the full schedule for Trail Race Directors here.

Please note that the 2023 Conference will only be open to in person registrations.

Race Directors, in-person access

  • any 1 day $65 to April 9, 2023; $85 to July 31, 2023; $105 after August 1
  • any 2 days $120 to April 9, 2023; $140 to July 31, 2023; $160 after August 1
  • all 3 days $150 to April 9, 2023; $170 to July 31, 2023; $190 after August 1
  • add our webinar series over 8 months for free for all race director registration options, see details here!

Includes all sessions each day, networking evening on Wednesday & Thursday, lunch each day, and refreshment breaks

Race Director Discounts
Please note that these rates are already discounted to enable as many race directors and event organizers as possible to participate. Discounts may be available for members of or referrals from organizations and groups that correspond to underrepresented categories in the sport e.g. Black Girls Run, Latinos Run, Black Men Run, Trail Sisters, OUTRUN, United in Stride, Achilles, military or veterans – these are examples, not limited to these groups.
ATRA members – all ATRA members receive a 15% discount off any race director registration options

Please contact Event Director, Terry Chiplin, at terry@ustrailrunningconference.com if you have any questions on these discount offers.

Note that discount offers cannot be combined.


Popular webinar series for race directors returns

Starting in February 2023, we will be starting our popular webinar series for race directors. The series will run over 9 months, finishing in September 2023. Each monthly webinar will have a specific subject and feature top industry experts and provide a toolkit with key deliverables for each webinar.

See more details and to register at this link.

Trail Runners – Wednesday October 18 – Friday October 20, 2023

We also welcome trail runners to be a part of the conversation and to add your voices to help guide the future of the sport. Our expo on Thursday October 20 & Friday October 21 also contains exhibitors geared towards trail runners, details coming soon. With speaker panels, guest elite athletes, interactive workshops, and demo products, this is an event that Trail Runners will not want to miss!

There will also be a fun run on Thursday October 19, and on Friday October 21 and Saturday, October 22.

Schedule summary
Wednesday October 18 – TBA
Thursday October 19 – TBA
Friday October 20 – TBA
You can see the full 2022 schedule for Trail Runners here.

Trail Runners, in-person access

  • any 1 day $10 including drinks, excludes lunch, available as an add-on cost option
  • any 2 days $20 including drinks, excludes lunch, available as an add-on cost option
  • all three days $25 including drinks, excludes lunch, available as an add-on cost option


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