January 11, 2016

Trail race


Estes Trail Ascent – Trail Race – October 15, 2017 – 10.00 am start

To round off the Conference, we couldn’t think of a better way than to go race on a challenging trail course overlooking Estes Park and the Estes Valley.
The Estes Trail Ascent is on a 5.8 mile course that follows one of our training runs on a hill above our home – the race starts at 8,500 feet, climbs to over 9,000 feet, and includes over 1,800 feet of elevation gain. The course takes you a on a tree lined route that includes sweeping views of the Continental Divide and Estes Valley that will delight your senses, assuming you can still breathe at that point! The course has everything, lung bursting climbs, fast sweeping descents, rock scrambles, and a final rush down a steep dirt road that will have your legs turning over faster than they may have ever done! Places are limited for this race – permitting restrictions mean a 100 runner maximum, so secure your spot early!

If you need a ride to the race, there will be shuttles available to transport you, compliments of the Estes Park Shuttle.  Pick will be 8:45am from the Stanley Hotel and returning at 11:45am from Ravencrest.

There is parking at packet pick up and registration at Ravencrest Chalet – see directions to Ravencrest here.  A cook out follows the race at the Ridge Haus at Ravencrest – relax and enjoy good food while reminiscing about your race experience!

Details and Registration

You can register for the race at this linkthe race is presented by Estes Park Running Club, who also present the Estes Park Marathon in June each year, as well as other races in the Estes Park area.
Note that registration for this trail race is separate from registration for the Trail Running Conference – you will need to register for this race separately if you wish to run!