May 8, 2021

Spartan Trail race


The 2021 Spartan Trail US Championship is the foundation of the long-term vision Spartan has for its trail business. As a world-leading endurance brand, Spartan believes trail running is a pillar for both wellness and the outdoor industry, creating a progressive integration with its World Championship and our races all around the globe.

The US Trail Running Conference is honored to be partnering with Spartan Trail and that the 2021 Spartan Trail US Championship follows the 2021 Conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

There are race options for trail runners of all abilities, with a 10k night run on Saturday October 30, and a 10k, half marathon and 50k on Sunday October 31. The 50k is the Trail Ultra category for the Spartan Trail US Championship, and the half marathon for the Trail Run category.

SIGN UP NOW | OCT 30-31 2021

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