March 2, 2021

Emissions and Waste

This page has been created to share information on the environmental factors, carbon emissions, or carbon footprint, and waste, generated by the US Trail Running Conference each year. The idea is to show how as an event we are committed to minimizing the footprint that this event generates, in terms of both emissions and waste. We would love to encourage other event organizers to adopt a similar policy and be transparent about their own footprint.

As this is an evolving area of event management, I propose to include data on two specific footprint areas that we can measure year on year.

The first is carbon footprint – this is the emissions that the Conference itself generates from the event location emissions from power and heating, added to travel emissions for the administrative team that contribute towards putting on the event. This data is shared in two formats, total footprint carbon emissions, and also per participant footprint emissions. Note that this data does not include participant travel to the Conference – this is viewed as personal choice and is then the responsibility of each participant.

The second is waste footprint – this is the amount of waste that the Conference itself generates from food, drinks, snacks, etc. The data is shared in two formats, total waste produced, and waste per participant.