Diversity and inclusion – An interview with race director Aaron Saft

Aaron Saft is the owner of Foot Rx in Asheville, NC, a track and field marathon champion, and the owner of MR Runningpains, an event company that hosts a series of races that we recommend you check out. He has been a regular participating speaker at the US Trail Running Conference over the last few[…]

US Trail Running Conference announces discount to celebrate Women’s History Month

Women can save 25% on Conference registration until March 31 Active at Altitude, organizers of the 2019 US Trail Running Conference has announced a discount for women trail race directors and trail runners that register during the month of March. This discount offer is timed to coincide with Women’s History Month, a month-long celebration of[…]

US Trail Running Conference announces theme – Diversity and Inclusion, Trail running for everyone

Enabling long term success for a growing trail running community Active at Altitude, organizers of the 2019 US Trail Running 
Conference has announced the theme for this year’s edition of the annual event, 
Diversity and Inclusion: Trail Running for Everyone. This theme is an organic development sprouting from last year’s theme of Creating Opportunities, and[…]

US Trail Running Conference announces sponsorship renewal with Headsweats

World leader in performance headwear is Official Headwear Supplier for fourth consecutive year

Estes Park, CO – Active at Altitude, organizers of the 2018 US Trail Running Conference has announced a sponsorship agreement with Headsweats. This is the fourth consecutive year that Headsweats is the Official Headwear Supplier for the industry leading Conference. […]

Making strides in innovation – focus on Samantha Pruitt

With the recently announced theme for the 2017 US Trail Running Conference, Making Strides in Innovation, this is the next in a series of posts focused on participating sponsors and our expert panelists on how they have used innovations to drive their products, service and races. This time we interview Samantha Pruitt, Founder & CEO[…]

US Trail Running Conference announces Race Roster sponsorship


The US Trail Running Conference has announced that Race Roster, the fastest growing endurance registration website in North America, are the new 
Presenting Sponsor for the Trail Race Director days for the 2017 event. […]

Sports stars who took up running after retiring

Sports Stars Who Took Up Running After Retiring

Trail running and marathon running are some of the toughest endurance events a person can take part in as they challenge both the mind and fitness levels of the runner. […]

2016 US Trail Running Conference sets records


The 4th annual US Trail Running Conference took place at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO, September 28 to October 1. A record setting 170 attendees comprised of trail race directors, trail runners, vendors, panelists, and trail running fans, were captivated by a mixture of presentations, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking sessions. […]